Water ice resources identified in Martian northern hemisphere

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Water ice resources identified in Martian northern hemisphere

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My colleagues at the Planetary Science Institute published a paper in Nature Astronomy mapping subsurface ice in the northern hemisphere of Mars. The results are quite encouraging. The paper begins with:
Multiple nations and private entities are pushing to make landing humans on Mars a reality. The majority of proposed mission architectures envision 'living off the land' by leveraging Martian water-ice deposits for fuel production and other purposes. Fortunately for mission designers, water ice exists on Mars in plentiful volumes.
PSI press release: https://www.psi.edu/news/morganmarsice
Project website: https://swim.psi.edu/
Nature Astronomy paper: https://rdcu.be/ceYax
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SWIM work has now been extended to include all locations between 60*S and 60*N below +1 km elevation. Products from this second SWIM season are available on the website at https://swim.psi.edu. The team has submitted a manuscript for a book chapter describing the results for the forthcoming Springer Handbook of Space Resources.

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